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The "Corpse Bride" Rating Community

Just Who Are You?

::The "Corpse Bride" Rating Community::
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Because, you know, it was asking to be done. Though, I give full credit for the idea to crystal_roses. That's why I'm Mod #2 [optical_nerve].

Welcome! To the Corpse Bride rating community. Because every good movie deserves a rating community, haha! If you're unfamiliar with rating communities such as this, then here's a break down: you post an application in the community [abiding to the rules, mind you], people vote you as which character they see you most like and after a certain amount of votes, you get stamped as the character. With a pretty banner to display if you so desire. ♥

About Corpse Bride: This is a film by le Tim Burton, who has done other wonderful works. He has done a stop-animation film before; very famous, indeed, it is The Nightmare Before Christmas. CB also gives kudos to Danny Elfman for it's fabtastic scores/songs. The story follows Victor Van Dort [Johnny Depp] who accidentally marries a corpse slash bride named Emily [Helena Bonham Carter]. That's the gist of it. To learn more about the movie, you should check out the links below.

And as all good rating communities must have, RULES. Disobey these and you're gonna get a slap upside the head.

Read the rules. Look, you're on the right track.
Common curtosey is demanded of this community. Don't abuse it by being rude or mean. To any members at all, including us mods. If you don't like someone, you don't have to say anything. Take it outside the community if you must. Flame wars and such--not tolerated. You start acting up, I'll warn you once. Do it again, and you is gone.
Fill out the survey as if you put some actual thought into it. One or two sentences, or lack of anything will very likely get you crappy or no votes whatsoever. While we're not asking for paragraphs upon paragraphs, consider the questions and give reasonable answers we can work with.
For the love of Odin's raven, do not fill out your application trying to get a character you want. That's just dumb.
THIS RULE CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH. Once becoming a member, you've sacrificed your soooul been expected to stay active and vote for others, rather you've been stamped or not. If you do not vote, there will be no stamps and therefore there will be no community!
You do NOT need to be stamped to vote for others.
Rules are subject to change. Currently, you will need 10 votes to be stamped.
If you delete your journal, your name will be removed from the stamped list as well as the members list. If you revive your journal, please post an entry telling us and which charrie you were. If you have a new account, please do the same as well [including old username].
This rule is also important. Without it, you won't go anywhere. In the subject title of your post, you MUST put the following sentence: "You may kiss the bride." This is a must. You won't get votes otherwise. And members you see your lack of title/improper title are expected to ignore your application. However, I will comment and tell you to fix your app. I give you two consecutive days to change it or your post is deleted. You're welcome to post again, this time properly.
If for whatever reason you do not like the character you've been stamped as or what-have-you, you are free to re-apply once more within the next month. After that, no more.
Though this is a rating community, you are welcome to share fan stuff. Like, icons, wallpapers, other such graphics down to fanart and fanfiction. We welcome all pairings. Het, slash and femmslash are welcome! Just remember to use the proper tags and warnings!!
And of course, Mod #1 has spent time making/posting stamps you've asked for. Please thank/honor both her and I by either putting up the stamp or at least linking back here.

Read all the rules? Get the picture? Then continue onward!

The Survey
Just copy/paste what's in the box!

Advertising helps keep a community alive! So, please, if you can, advertise this community with the following banners and/or text links! Donations are ALWAYS welcome! If the image is not appearing, right click on it and click "show picture." It should work then.

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Corpse Bride Rating
Who are you?

Corpse Bride Rating
Who are you?

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"Corpse Bride" is copyright Tim Burton and any other/all respected owners. We do not intend on infringing any type of copyrights or laws or whatnot. This is just a rating community! Graphics, however, were made [mostly] by crystal_roses.