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you may kiss the bride

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Getting Started
Name: Lauren
Zodiac: Sagg
Do you think your sign fits you? It used to. Now I'm a little too shy
What qualities do fit you? Stuborn, passionate, determined, likes to travel
Put yourself in five words: 1.I 2.am 3.just 4.me 5.(.)

Likes: music, books, theater, children
Dislikes:mean, close minded people
Talents: singing
Hobbies: singing, reading, working, spotlighting/soundboarding shows
Phobias: [You are free to list what you wish; don't post personal ones if you don't wish them to be seen.] death, being alone, snakes
Dreams or Goals: To be a wife, mom, teacher, accountant, childrens author, and Ariel at Disney
Favorite color(s): Purple and Green
why those colors? purple for royalty and passion. Green for life.

Going Deeper
What sort of people are you [platonically] attracted to? Kind, fun, funny, strong personalities
What sort of people are you [romantically] attraced to? The nerd next door =) (I love me so nerds)
What sort of people do you try to stay away from? Cruel people, or people that make me feel like they have a hidden adgenda
How are you amongst your friends? Bubbly
How are you amongst your enemies? Quite
How are you amongst strangers? Nonexistant
What are your strengths? music and math
What are your weaknesses? confidence
What mood are usually in? calm
How do you tolerate stress? Okay. Ive been through alot. A father that commited suicide, a 15year-old brother that runs away and is on heavy drug, plus 3 jobs and school.
How do you tolerate being insulted? Deal with it later
What's your family/relatives/guardians like? Protective. oldfashioned, kind, caring, and they spoil me
What's your dark side like? Angry?
How do you carry yourself? I.E. sum up your personality, your style, etc. Calm, shy, private (Some people have said before they knew me, I seemed stuck-up)

If you could be any inanimate object, what would it be and why? A teddy bear. Something people snuggle up with, give hugs to, and tell all their secrets to
Tell me what element you most resemble. Not which one you like the most. I don't know
Give song lyric(s) that best describes you. Back it up with an explanation.My fav. songs have no lyrics. Im into Beethoven.

Corpse Bride Related
Do you believe in true love? YES
Do you believe true love lives beyond the grave? Yes
What CB character do you most relate to? Answers like "you tell me" do not count. I can't answer because I dont want to influence
On that note above, which character do you LEAST relate to and why? The parents just because they are annoying
Your favorite character; why? Maggot b/c he is cute and funny
Your least favorite character; why? Parents, see reason above
If put in a situation like Victor's, what would you do? Follow my heart, where ever it may lead.

The Ending
Not many people want a stamp. If you want a stamp, now is the time to say yes or no. Yes
Oh, you--you like necrophilia, don't you? No

Please post one clear picture of yourself or describe yourself.

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On November 8th, 2008 10:49 pm (UTC), bast_kaalae commented:
Victoria but Victor as a close second. =]
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On December 16th, 2009 06:31 am (UTC), xdreaminghumble commented:
Victor. :D
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