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You may kiss the bride

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Getting Started
Name: B.J.
Zodiac: Rooster,Leo
Do you think your sign fits you? Oh yes in both good and bad ways
What qualities do fit you? Leo wise I'm creative,caring,protective.
Put yourself in five words: Romantic, emotional,bubbly, loving, loyal

Likes:  reading, ,cuddling, anime, writing,drawing
Dislikes: Humidity, allergies,biology,religious fanatics, pointless gore
Talents: Writting, Drawing, singing
Hobbies: writting, drawing, creative stuff
Phobias:  Aracniphobia,automatonophobia,abadoment issues,heights
Dreams or Goals: writing,activism,I love helping survivors of crime,maybe a therapist
Favorite color(s): pink,it is a mixture of dark and light

Going Deeper
What sort of people are you [platonically] attracted to? People who seem compassionate, because I hate cold people, I like when people have a heart and care for others.
What sort of people are you [romantically] attraced to? One's who seem protective, as I seem to need alot of protecting. Those who make me feel safe and seem devoted to my happiness.
What sort of people do you try to stay away from?Cold ,harsh people,bullies
How are you amongst your friends? I dont have many friends but the ones I have I cherish and protect and love making their day better.
How are you amongst your enemies? Quiet ,observant
How are you amongst strangers? Reserved until I find common ground then very bubbly
What are your strengths? I am a very caring person, especially when it comes to my loved ones. I would do anything for them.I've been told intelligent, I love writing and reading. I try  hard as I can not to make snap judgements about people. I give everyone a chance, because everyone deserves one to prove themselves. ^_^
What are your weaknesses? I am not really assertive. I usually don't have the guts to tell people that something they are doing is bothering me, so in turn people walk all over me. This also ties in with one of my positive qualities, the one about me being caring. If the wrong people see this in me, they take advantage of it. I have a hard time finding the good in me. I always think people are lying to me when they compliment me. I am very hard on myself, and I feel inadequate to a lot of my friends, especially my female friends, because they're all funny, outgoing, smart and have had love. I worry about everything.I worry about problems that aren't even my own, and I always think of the worst possible outcome.
What mood are usually in? cheery or reserved
How do you tolerate stress? I dont. I cry, I sulk
How do you tolerate being insulted? I insult them back, but I try not to fight unless I feel very hurt.
What's your family/relatives/guardians like? strained but loving
What's your dark side like? self destructive, hurt,icy, angry and lost
How do you carry yourself? I.E. sum up your personality, your style, etc. sophisticated

If you could be any inanimate object, what would it be and why? a pen, because someone would draw or write with me, I would be used to create
Tell me what element you most resemble. Not which one you like the most. water,serene,love,peaceful
Give song lyric(s) that best describes you. Back it up with an explanation.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return" from Moulin Rouge! Because that honestly is the best feeling in the world. And that doesnt necessarily mean romantic love either. Being loved in return by your friends and family counts as well, and when they show how much they love you means the world, at least in my opinion.

Corpse Bride Related
Do you believe in true love? very much so
Do you believe true love lives beyond the grave? yes
What CB character do you most relate to? Answers like "you tell me" do not count. Emily,she's such a hopelessly romatic and it cost her big time, and thats happened to me alot.
On that note above, which character do you LEAST relate to and why? Victor ,I love him but I have more of a backbone than him.
Your favorite character; why? Emily and Victoria. I love Emily's spunk yet I love the calm,serenity of Victoria,go figure
Your least favorite character; why? Barkis,he  *spoiler alert* killed Emily!
If put in a situation like Victor's, what would you do? Fight tooth and nail to keep who I love

The Ending
Not many people want a stamp. If you want a stamp, now is the time to say yes or no. YES ,oh please! I collect these stamps
Oh, you--you like necrophilia, don't you? only if their vampires

Please post one clear picture of yourself or describe yourself. red hair,hazel eyes, short like a hobbit
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