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You may kiss the bride..

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Getting Started
Zodiac: Virgo
Do you think your sign fits you? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it does. In some ways no, though.
What qualities do fit you? Well, Virgos tend to be shy, and I definatley am.
Put yourself in five words: Strange, fun, mysterious, shy, cool 

Likes: Too many things
Dislikes: Again, too many things
Talents: I'm double jointed, I'm a good singer
Hobbies: collecting PEZ disepensers
Phobias: Let's see, achluophobia, Acrophobia, Amaxophobia, Anginophobia, Anthropophobia, Aphenphosmphobia, Arachnophobia, Ataxophobia, Atelophobia, Atychiphobia, Autophobia, Bathmophobia, Botanophobia, Catagelophobia, Catoptrophobia, Chronomentrophobia, Coulrophobia, Domatophobia, Dystychiphobia, Ecophobia,  Elurophobia, Equinophobia, Glossophobia, Insectophobia, Lilapsophobia, Lockiophobia, Microphobia, Mysophobia, Necrophobia, Ornithophobia, Pedophobia, Philophobia, Pteromerhanophobia, Scolionophobia, and Verminophobia
Dreams or Goals: I'm just trying to live life.
Favorite color(s): Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Green
why those colors? I dunno.. they just stand out to me

Going Deeper
What sort of people are you [platonically] attracted to? Things that are pretty.. I guess...
What sort of people are you [romantically] attraced to? People who are nice, and cute...
What sort of people do you try to stay away from? Mean people...
How are you amongst your friends? Crazy and funny
How are you amongst your enemies? Vicious..
How are you amongst strangers? Shy..
What are your strengths? Being with friends
What are your weaknesses? being lonely
What mood are usually in? A tired or happy mood
How do you tolerate stress? drawing
How do you tolerate being insulted? Insult back..
What's your family/relatives/guardians like? Strange.. O_o
What's your dark side like? Evil, I want to destroy things
How do you carry yourself? I.E. sum up your personality, your style, etc. Pretty cool, but sometimes mean...

If you could be any inanimate object, what would it be and why? a paint brush.. Because I like painting..
Tell me what element you most resemble. Not which one you like the most. I think I most resemble the element Metal.
Give song lyric(s) that best describes you. Back it up with an explanation. 
If you, if you could return
Don't let it burn, don't let it fade

From the song Linger  by The Cranberries. These describe me because I had a love once, but now they're gone and I miss them so much.

Corpse Bride Related
Do you believe in true love?
Not really.
Do you believe true love lives beyond the grave? I mean if you really love someone who has died, I would know. Because you'd miss them a lot and stuff
What CB character do you most relate to? Answers like "you tell me" do not count.  Probably Emily, because I want to find someone to love me.
On that note above, which character do you LEAST relate to and why? Victoria, because she is pretty rude.
Your favorite character; why?  Victor. And no, it's not because Johnny Depp is the voice of him, it's because he's such a sweetheart.
Your least favorite character; why? Victoria.. Once again, she's rude, and I do not like rude people.
If put in a situation like Victor's, what would you do? I would've married Emily.. Even if she is dead. At least she's not mean.

The Ending
Not many people want a stamp. If you want a stamp, now is the time to say yes or no. Yes, please!
Oh, you--you like necrophilia, don't you? I'm actually afraid of dead things, but like, Emily is not scary...

Please post one clear picture of yourself or describe yourself.
Well, I have no picture, so I'll describe.
I'm pretty tall, I have short brown hair, blue eyes. Braces and glasses. I'm super pale, and I have tons of freckles. I guess that's my best way to describe me. Hahaha..

Current Mood:
chipper chipper
Current Music:
Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru
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