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Getting Started
Name: Victoria, Vicki
Zodiac: Aquarius
Do you think your sign fits you? Yeah. Ive seen a few descriptions of it, and they fit me so well its spooky!!
What qualities do fit you?
Put yourself in five words: Intelligent, creative, artistic, stubborn, Intelligent

Likes: Well, I obviously Adore Tim Burton Films. The Nightmare Before Christmas has been my favorite film for as long as I can remember. I also love to paint, draw, take photo's, walk in nature, play on my computer, join rating communities, and talk to my friends.
Dislikes: I HATE people who act dumb to look cute. "Is Scotland a country?" "What does international mean?" They make me want to scream!
Talents: Drawing, painting, photography and singing, I can also kindof play the keyboard and violin. I took lessons for 4 years. I am quite smart too.
Hobbies: Like I mentioned in my likes :)
Phobias: Im scared of way too much!
Small spaces, long tunnels, heights, deep water, murderers. I have a load more, but theyre rather personal xx
Dreams or Goals: I aim to have a family and get married by the time I am 30, and I want to travel all over the world. For my job, I want to be a photographer :)
Favorite color(s): Red, blue, silver, purple, black, and green :)
why those colors? I dont really know. They all just draw me to them. I like wearing green eyeshadow, and the others I wear on clothes. I just.. like them. Always have :)

Going Deeper
What sort of people are you [platonically] attracted to? Im ashamed of this, but I dont know what that means D:
What sort of people are you [romantically] attraced to? Funny people. If they cant laugh and crack a joke, Im not interested xD
What sort of people do you try to stay away from? Arrogant people, and chavs.
How are you amongst your friends? I talk an awful lot :)
How are you amongst your enemies? Sickly sweet.
How are you amongst strangers? Shy.
What are your strengths? I am a good leader, and dont take any insults from anyone.
What are your weaknesses? My temper. Im INCREDUBLY irritable. Anything can set me off!
What mood are usually in? Happy :)
How do you tolerate stress? This may be odd, but I sing to myself :)
How do you tolerate being insulted? I have a shouting match with them. May not be the best way to handle it, but it works for me.
What's your family/relatives/guardians like? I love them, and Im very close to them. Theyre embarrasing and irritating sometimes though :)
What's your dark side like?
How do you carry yourself? I.E. sum up your personality, your style, etc. Well, when I am upset I crack jokes, and try and laugh, but it always comes out choked. I wear what I want, when I want. I dont listen to anyone who tries to change me. Im smart, and people hate that.

If you could be any inanimate object, what would it be and why? I would be a mobile phone, because I can spy on people! I can listen to what they say, and Id be taken all over the place. And I can annoy people when they lose me :)
Tell me what element you most resemble. Not which one you like the most. Probably water. I can be very calm, and soothing one minute, and savage and rough the next.
Give song lyric(s) that best describes you. Back it up with an explanation.
"We've never been so many, but we've never been so alone".
Im often surrounded by people, but I dont.. fit in with them. I feel lonely, like I dont have many people to talk to.

Corpse Bride Related
Do you believe in true love? Yes, but Ive never experienced it :)
Do you believe true love lives beyond the grave? Yeah. I believe in reincarnation, so I think they will meet in the next life.
What CB character do you most relate to? Answers like "you tell me" do not count. I honestly do not know. Maybe Emily, because I know what its like to be abandoned. My 'friends' left me in year 8, and I was alone for ages, until I found my new friends. Sortof like Emily being abandoned by her love, then finding Victor.
On that note above, which character do you LEAST relate to and why? I cant remember his name. Grrr! The one who was going to marry Emily, but ran off wih her money :( I would never abandone someone, after it happening to me myself.
Your favorite character; why? Emily. She's pretty even though she is dead, she believes in true love, even after all she's gone through.
Your least favorite character; why?I have to go with Victoria's parents. They seem way too snobbish and mean!!

If put in a situation like Victor's, what would you do? I would follow my heart. As corny as that sounds. I would try to be back with my first love, and would try everything to get him.

The Ending
Not many people want a stamp. If you want a stamp, now is the time to say yes or no. Yess
Oh, you--you like necrophilia, don't you? LMAO! Totally ;)

Please post one clear picture of yourself or describe yourself.
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